How often do you think to yourself, “Man, if only I could unlock the door to my house or business with a special knock then I could do away with these hard to use keys”? Well, Steve Hoefer must have thought that a lot. A WHOLE LOT because he created what you see above. Now don’t get me wrong…I admire his work, passion, and dedication to his project. Shoot, I even kinda want one. But man, if this EVER became a regular thing people have on their doors a lot of insurance claims are going to be filed.
It’s amazing what a guy can come up with when he has some PVC pipe, dead bolt lock, some shower suction cups, no job, and time on his hands from being an out of work Radio Shack employee. Anyway, enjoy this and if you feel so inclined you can pop on over to his website and take a gander.
(Yo Steve, the truth is I really like your SKDDL (Secret Knock Detecting Door Lock). I’m just poking fun because I didn’t think of it first. Good luck man….I honestly hope you can get some investors or someone to buy the patent. I know what it’s like to create something that a lot of people use.)

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One Bag To Rule Them All

Here’s another little tidbit of information about your friend Lunchboxx that you may not know….I love bags. Seriously. I have more computer bags, bags to carry stuff, and just random bags that my wife has asked me to just find one and get rid of all the others. Folks….I’ve found it.
Several weeks ago I was hanging out at one of my favorite coffee houses, Panara, catching up on work while enjoying a tall hot Kenya AA (no sugar, no cream) when out of the corner of my eye I spied what could only be described as “The Perfect Bag”. (If you think I’m making a reference to “The Perfect Cheer” you are right….that’s how I felt) Not being the shy type, and trying not to be too giddy, I asked the man who was carrying it where on earth he got it. As it turns out, he is a U.S. Army Veteran Apache Helicopter pilot and places a high amount of value on his gear. My kind of cat. After he retired he started his own business teaching survival skills, running special missions for the government, and showing us civilians how to blow up things. This guy was the real deal. After a few minutes of talking with him I knew that if he trusted his Macbook, glock, gadgets, survival equipment, and mont blanc pen to this bag then I just had to have one. And have one I will. Just not right now. The price is steep so I’m planning on selling all of my bags, and anything else I have too, so my Macbook Pro has a safe place to sleep when I’m on the road. However, if one of you fine readers has an extra $169 burning a hole in your pocket please feel free to pick one up for me. Otherwise, I’ll be waiting for one to show up under my Christmas tree this year…..if I can stand the wait.
Maxpedition is an extremely cool site with more gear than I can mention here so I recommend you take a little internet trip over to their website. Be warned, you’ll find something you want there and have trouble sleeping until you get it.

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“Wake Up Geek!”

How many of us HATE getting up in the morning? Okay…that’s a canned question. All of us hate getting up in the morning, right? Folks, I am the master of the snooze alarm. Press it once, twice, three times….OH CRAP I’M LATE!!! Yeah, we all have been there. Well, my fellow Star Wars pajama wearing friends, those days might be over. Enter the Sleep Tracker.
This little gadgets claim is that it can wake you up at the best time within your sleep period. Let’s say you need to get up at 6AM (you poor people). You would set the Sleep Tracker and it would monitor your sleep from 5:30AM to 6AM. The idea is that the watch would monitor your sleep patterns during those times (all night actually) and wouldn’t wake you up during REM sleep. Since it has a motion sensor, computer, and heartbeat sensor it monitor (and learn) when to wake you up. This, in turn, is would allow you to rise at the best time leaving you feeling awake and refreshed. You can also download your sleep data into the computer so you can, ….well I don’t know, but that would be cool. Okay…so does it work? From all of the positive buzz it’s getting I would have to say yes. However, I may never know because I don’t have the spare $150 required to spend on this device. I would really like to try it though. It seems like it would really be worth it. As for me….I want to sleep until the very last second….and beyond. Check out the companies website here.
Note: They seem to have made an impression on Dr. Phil. Don’t know if that was the best marketing strategy there boys.

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