This post is directed at anyone who REALLY likes numbers (like my Dad). This guy is ridiculous. As you watch this realize that I probably wouldn’t qualify to be one of the roobs onstage operating a calculator.

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One Bag To Rule Them All

Here’s another little tidbit of information about your friend Lunchboxx that you may not know….I love bags. Seriously. I have more computer bags, bags to carry stuff, and just random bags that my wife has asked me to just find one and get rid of all the others. Folks….I’ve found it.
Several weeks ago I was hanging out at one of my favorite coffee houses, Panara, catching up on work while enjoying a tall hot Kenya AA (no sugar, no cream) when out of the corner of my eye I spied what could only be described as “The Perfect Bag”. (If you think I’m making a reference to “The Perfect Cheer” you are right….that’s how I felt) Not being the shy type, and trying not to be too giddy, I asked the man who was carrying it where on earth he got it. As it turns out, he is a U.S. Army Veteran Apache Helicopter pilot and places a high amount of value on his gear. My kind of cat. After he retired he started his own business teaching survival skills, running special missions for the government, and showing us civilians how to blow up things. This guy was the real deal. After a few minutes of talking with him I knew that if he trusted his Macbook, glock, gadgets, survival equipment, and mont blanc pen to this bag then I just had to have one. And have one I will. Just not right now. The price is steep so I’m planning on selling all of my bags, and anything else I have too, so my Macbook Pro has a safe place to sleep when I’m on the road. However, if one of you fine readers has an extra $169 burning a hole in your pocket please feel free to pick one up for me. Otherwise, I’ll be waiting for one to show up under my Christmas tree this year…..if I can stand the wait.
Maxpedition is an extremely cool site with more gear than I can mention here so I recommend you take a little internet trip over to their website. Be warned, you’ll find something you want there and have trouble sleeping until you get it.

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A Wii Rant

DANG IT!!!! I knew this was bound to happen. Nintendo just released yet another device for the Wii. I mean, they’ve already got a plethora of accessories we just HAVE to have, right? Well it seems they just aren’t happy with the accelerometer in the remote and think that it could be even more accurate. Granted, it’s not quite as focused as I would hope sometimes, but it’s quite amazing just the same. Their solution is the Wii MotionPlus. It’s nifty little gadget that snaps onto the bottom your existing remote guaranteeing you more control and accuracy in some existing games (like the sports package) and all new games coming out. I have to drop yet another $20 (per remote) for something else Nintendo?!?!? Really??? I refuse!!! I won’t do it!!!!

YOU can purchase one here.

I’ll post a review of the Wii MotionPlus, so you’ll know whether it’s worth it, after I purchase one…..which will be soon I’m sure.

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OnLive looks Alright!

I’ve been following this technology for awhile and am still not sure it’s believable. I mean, I want to believe it…really. So what is it? What’s the big deal? I’ll tell you:
Like a lot of guys my age, I have several gaming systems in my house. A wii, PS3, XBox 360 (broken), and a few computers. It’s necessary to have multiple units because of gameplay, resolution, and availability. OnLive looks to change all of that.
Amazingly, they claim they can “stream”, in real time, games to your television (or computer) with a small hardware device. They say they can do this will little to no latency, at full frame rate, and at full resolution. It sounds impossible to me. Still, if it’s even remotely true this will change everything. And I mean…EVERYTHING!! Renting games from Gamefly = over. PS3/360/Wii sales = down
Watch the video and let me know what you think fellow geeks. I look forward to it.
Here’s a little explanation for those of you who need it.

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Need A Wedge Of Light?

I don’t know how many of you out there read at night, in bed, but my wife and I do. She can sleep with the light, tv, radio, and small explosions going on. I, on the other hand, cannot. Also, I still feel like I’m bothering her by having the light on when I read. What to do? Go in the other room? Maybe I should get one of those ridiculous little clip on lights to hook on my book or magazine? Naw, I’m not doing that. And neither should you because there is a solution for us.
Enter The LightWedge. Apparently, this thing has been on the market for a couple of years unbeknown to me. It comes in several different flavors and sizes. The Original does exactly as the video above shows. The Paperback gives you all of the functionality of The Original….just smaller. The Mini is very small and seems quite useless to me but I’m sure someone would like it. Then, for my military buddies, there is The LightWedge Night Vision. I wish I would have had one of those when I was in the Army. Trying to hold an IR Chemlight, in the middle of the jungle, while reading was awkward at best.
For more information you can click here and read more about it on the LightWedge website. Prices vary, but Amazon has some pretty good deals on them.

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Can You Hear Me Now??

I worked for a popular cell phone company for 3 years and can safely say, now, that the things in the above video is possible. Warning: If you watch this video, you might throw your cell phone out the window. Or not. Just for the record, the ability to do this has been around for YEARS. This will make you think.
If the video doesn’t work click HERE.

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What about BOB?

If you’re not a techie, your not going to get this video. For all my Warcraft playing, mountain dew drinking, rig modding, water cooling, star trek watching, geek peeps out there …. this is for you. Microsoft has made a pile junk programs over the years, that made me literally want to set my money on FIRE, but we can all agree this “puppy” sits at the top of the smelly heap. Microsoft BOB, we barely knew you…..and are better for it. (For the record, I sold Packard Bell computers at Circuit City back in 95 and this stellar program came preloaded. I should have received hazard pay.)

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“Wake Up Geek!”

How many of us HATE getting up in the morning? Okay…that’s a canned question. All of us hate getting up in the morning, right? Folks, I am the master of the snooze alarm. Press it once, twice, three times….OH CRAP I’M LATE!!! Yeah, we all have been there. Well, my fellow Star Wars pajama wearing friends, those days might be over. Enter the Sleep Tracker.
This little gadgets claim is that it can wake you up at the best time within your sleep period. Let’s say you need to get up at 6AM (you poor people). You would set the Sleep Tracker and it would monitor your sleep from 5:30AM to 6AM. The idea is that the watch would monitor your sleep patterns during those times (all night actually) and wouldn’t wake you up during REM sleep. Since it has a motion sensor, computer, and heartbeat sensor it monitor (and learn) when to wake you up. This, in turn, is would allow you to rise at the best time leaving you feeling awake and refreshed. You can also download your sleep data into the computer so you can, ….well I don’t know, but that would be cool. Okay…so does it work? From all of the positive buzz it’s getting I would have to say yes. However, I may never know because I don’t have the spare $150 required to spend on this device. I would really like to try it though. It seems like it would really be worth it. As for me….I want to sleep until the very last second….and beyond. Check out the companies website here.
Note: They seem to have made an impression on Dr. Phil. Don’t know if that was the best marketing strategy there boys.

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No Diving!

No, I don’t know how they do it. I’m just as baffled as everyone else. I do know from these pictures, it’s not a hologram or trick photography. Maybe it’s reflective glass displaying water that’s somehow on the ceiling? Two thin pieces of plexiglass with water in between? Man, I don’t know.

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Okay, so some of you have asked me about the second monitor that is hooked to my computer. My answer is usually something like, “I use the other monitor for Photoshop tools” or “I put my web browser on one and my desktop on the other one”. Both of these answers are true. However, if you were to walk into my home office any given day you would probably see Hulu,, Pandora, or a DVD playing. Most likely, though, you would see on it.
I’ve followed Leo Laporte since his early days on CNET. I watched “The Screensavers” and “Call for Help” religiously. He’s amazing and I really missed his tech insight when G4 bought TechTV and booted all the really good shows and replaced them with small piles of crap. After dropping off the map for about 6 months, Leo reappeared in Canada and started working on the Canadian version of “The Screensavers”. Not long after that he started netcasting his own show on the internet. Realizing there was a demand for more than just podcasts, he started streaming his shows live using Stickam. Leo currently owns his own company and produces 5 or 6 shows under the name Twit (This Week In Tech). I listen/watch ALL of them. If you’re a techie, and even if you aren’t, it wouldn’t be a waste of your time to check it out sometime. Go here my friends…and learn something cool.
Please Note: Most live streams don’t start until 11am PST. If you visit the site and the there is a big black box on the screen….well…you’ll know why. 🙂

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