O Praise Him!

Sometimes the week gets away from me. I’m sure it’s happened to you too. This week has been especially trying for me as I’ve over extended myself. It happens sometimes. Not calculating properly for tasks tends to be the issue most times when it does happen. When it does, I try to look for a spot in my day when I can just stop and reflect on what really matters. Music has always had a supernatural effect on me. That tends to be the “place” I go to get away, recharge, and refocus.
I love this song.
The David Crowder Band has yet to produce one piece of music that I didn’t like. In fact, we are scheduled to play this song this Sunday at church and I’m looking soooooooo forward to it. It’s a piece that really does something for me. I’ve only found a few other songs that allows me to worship the way this one does. By the end of it I can feel my spirit making a connection to His. So today I’m sharing that with you on this blog. David Crowder didn’t produce this video but someone led by Him did. It’s amazing. I challenge you to watch it all the way through and tell me it doesn’t effect you.

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Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Lostday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. <—-That’s how it should be. I mean, no one can spell Wednesday correctly and consistently anyway, right? And, let’s be honest, Lostday sounds better. I spend most of the week/weekend looking forward to Lostday. Anticipation starts about 0.03 seconds on Lostday right after the final scene on LOST. I like LOST. Can ya tell? Don’t know what LOST is? Are you human? How could you NOT know what LOST is?!?!? Click here. Now.
So most people might not get this website but my Lostie friends will. Some cool cats got together and started creating LOST music based on LOST episodes. Not only are the tunes funny but they are pretty good quality and well produced. My hat is off to you guys. Nice going. Here is their primary website and here is a link to their music (which can be purchased via iTunes).
On another note, I’m looking into using The Others logo (above) as a feedback buster if Lutehole.com will make it for me at a reasonable price. I have one of their feedback busters now and it is sweet!

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Sometime, probably right after lunch, you’re going to feel it. Oh, it was there all along but only then will you’ll start realizing it. With the biggest stress hammer in his war chest Mr. Wednesday will hit you mid temple. You’ll feel the fear from the lack of progress you’ve made this week, the pain of plans and goals falling by the way side, and the regret of your lack of organization and control. We’ve all been there. It’s okay. Relax.
Push play on this video and close your eyes. Gain strength from the words and refill yourself with His purpose and power for you personally. Remember what’s truly important. But most of all …… worship with amazement, accept the Truth of His words, and believe in Him today. He still believes in you.

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Happy Birthday Bro!

So today is my brothers birthday. He’s five years younger than I am. How should I show him how much I appreciate him? Send him a canned card from Hallmark? (No. I’m not going to the store.) Send him some cash? (He’s got so much already) Send him a t-shirt that has his all time hero pictured on the front…Barack Obama? (Naw, he’s got one of those already…..NOT!) Call him and sing “Happy Birthday”? (No one should be subject to that) I know, I’ll put up an embarrassing photo of him holding an alligator which, by the way, has its mouth TAPED SHUT (and he was still freaking out about it). He couldn’t be as cool as me holding the snake and all.
But in seriousness, Happy Birthday Bro. You’ve been a great brother and friend. I’m grateful that I was able to grow up with you and I cherish the relationship we have as adults. The biggest difference now is I can’t push you down the stairs or watch you fly through the air during one of our four-wheeler rides. (I seriously thought I could make that jump cleanly) I love you buddy and I look forward to you being 37 one day.

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Can You Hear Me Now??

I worked for a popular cell phone company for 3 years and can safely say, now, that the things in the above video is possible. Warning: If you watch this video, you might throw your cell phone out the window. Or not. Just for the record, the ability to do this has been around for YEARS. This will make you think.
If the video doesn’t work click HERE.

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New Kitt vs Karr Episode

Me & K.I.T.T

Why have a blog if you can’t just vent once in awhile? Well people get ready because here I go!
Listen, growing up I watched every episode of Knight Rider and LOVED IT. Granted, I was a kid and watching a rerun of that series through adult eyes always begs the question..”I thought this was awesome?”. Still, there is something about it that makes me smile from ear to ear. In those days (wow…just sounded old there) there weren’t cell phones, GPS guidance systems, in dash DVD players or OnStar. So the possibility of there existing an indestructible black Pontiac Trans Am that could talk, drive itself, crack jokes, shoot lasers, see through walls, go faster than 200mph, and leap tall buildings in a single turbo boost was intoxicating to say the least. Every kid wanted a car like Kitt whether they admitted it or not. Eventually I grew up and realized there would never be such remarkable vehicle….at least not one I could afford.
Never mind the story line was weak, canned, and off the shelf or even that the acting was weaker. Or that they jumped the shark when they gave Kitt the ability to drive on top of the water. It didn’t really matter, did it? I mean, it’s all about the car. Most of us thought Michael Knight was cool but knew Kitt was the star of the show. Shoot, even Hasslehoff himself said he found the idea of playing second fiddle to a car turned his stomach.
Imagine my excitement last year as the new Knight Rider made for tv movie was announced. I couldn’t wait. It was going to be awesome. Now the movie wasn’t that bad other than it presented itself as one giant commercial for Ford. NBC indicated that if it had a high viewing response they would make it into a series. Well, they did and that my friends was the beginning of the end. I won’t go into specifics in reference to the whole back story to the new Knight Rider show but there are a few things I can say in confidence. Lightning didn’t strike twice. It sucks. Plain and simple.
Fast forward to today. I’ve felt obligated to my nostalgic childhood self to watch every episode of the Hindenburg like series. “It couldn’t possibly get any worse” I would think. And then it does. The episode I watched today takes the cake (It aired about 5 weeks ago). We all remember the rivalry in the 80’s between Kitt and Karr. They were able to get some pretty decent shows off of that story line and, I guess, they thought they could do it again. Wrong. It seems the new Karr can transform into a robot. You know, kinda like another more successful franchise known as TRANSFORMERS. The difference is Transformers are cool. This is not. To my surprise Peter Cullen, the voice of Optimus Prime, is doing the voice work for Karr. That is blasphemy straight up and a story for another day. So in closing I would like to make some obvious observations:
1. The acting in the new Knight Rider is much worse than the original if you can believe it.
2. Terrorist are holding NBC execs hostages as this is the only way Knight Rider could stay on the air.
3. It’s NOT okay to explain the vehicle transformations Kitt does (and everything else) as “biotech”.
4. The new voice for Kitt isn’t cool, funny, or entertaining. The de-evolution of the new Kitt’s AI is inexcusable.
5. No one can find two people in the same zip code that like this show.
6. Those of us who love the original Knight Rider hate the new one.
7. NBC should pay $1000 to every person who watches even one episode of this crap show. (How’s that for a stimulus package?)
To say I dislike the new Knight Rider is an understatement, yet I will watch it as it flames out. If you feel like I do there is hope. Go to here and order the complete original Knight Rider DVD collection and remember a time when the name Knight Rider was associated with something good.
The new Knight Rider = Fail.

(And yes, that’s me sitting in the K.I.T.T at a car show when I was 13 or so. Thanks for sending me this picture Dad. I’m sure I’ll hear about it from my friends.)

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What about BOB?

If you’re not a techie, your not going to get this video. For all my Warcraft playing, mountain dew drinking, rig modding, water cooling, star trek watching, geek peeps out there …. this is for you. Microsoft has made a pile junk programs over the years, that made me literally want to set my money on FIRE, but we can all agree this “puppy” sits at the top of the smelly heap. Microsoft BOB, we barely knew you…..and are better for it. (For the record, I sold Packard Bell computers at Circuit City back in 95 and this stellar program came preloaded. I should have received hazard pay.)

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Never Judge A Book By It’s Cover

So, if you’ve been on this planet longer than ten minutes, you’ve watched American Idol. My wife and I like tuning in every week. Especially in the beginning of the season when people, who have no business singing, try out for the competition. In Britain they have a similar show called “Britain’s Got Talent”. The setup is a little different, but it follows the same theme. Enter Susan Boyle. Now, from the looks of her you would think that she is too old and probably can’t sing a lick. I believe the judges thought so too as they were prepared for a disaster audition. I’m thinking they, like me, were a little surprised. This video has been making its way around the internet and there is a shorter higher quality video HERE but I chose to link to the one above because it gives the back story. Anyway, and as always….enjoy!

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He is risen!

(and everybody says)….”He is risen indeed!”
Today we celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ. My brother was smart enough to remind me of something on Friday (Good Friday). Sin killed Christ. We killed Christ. I killed Christ. His blood personally cleansed my sin so my sin personally killed Him. I am grateful He took the physical, emotional, and spiritual torcher that resulted in His death. He was blameless. I was responsible.
I accepted His gift of Salvation and Grace a long time ago and now I am one of the millions of His disciples and a fisher of men. I’m not very political or spiritual on my blog but today is a day of reflection. People, God loves you. He loves you so much, in fact, that He sent His only Son to die for you. God in the flesh took a beating that you deserved. He took your place. His love is like none other. Words can’t describe how I feel about our King, but SM Lockridge says it best in this video.

“Choosing to follow Christ will cost you something. Choosing not to follow Christ will cost you everything.” -Andy Stanley

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Bailout Bummer

So the car industry keeps crying about their bailout money. They need more, no restrictions, and no accountability. Yet, we seem to be handing out as much as they want…..when they want. What can we expect in return for the money congress is so eagerly taking from us to give to them? I fear this might be the end result. Enjoy.

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