Tron 2009

In 1982 we were introduced to Tron. I was 10 years old then and it was, quite frankly, the most visually stunning things I had ever seen. Never mind that the story was a bit on the lame side, but the thought of being IN a computer “arena” was every young geeks dream. How many quarters I fed into the Space Invaders, PacMan, and Galaga machines is anyone’s guess. Movie makers are obviously getting the idea that our generation likes reliving our childhood by rehashing movies like, Spiderman, The Hulk, Batman, Superman, Ironman, and the X-Men. At this years Comic-Con we’ve learned that they are dusting off Tron (along with Jeff Bridges) and trying it again. If this trailer is any indication………

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Things That Drive Me Crazy- #8 – #11

So you thought the things that drive my brother crazy were only limited to 6 entries? Think again! He’s added number 8 through 11. (I have a feeling this might be an ongoing “blog within a blog”). Brother of Lunchboxx….you have the floor.
8. – It drives me crazy when I go somewhere that is offering donuts and coffee and the doughnuts are cut in halves. Never in my life have I ever eaten .5 of a doughnut. Nor have I picked up 2 donuts and eaten one and gotten to the second and said, “Boy, I wish this doughnut was cut in half.” Serving cut doughnuts is criminal and breaks the heart of every pastry chef.
9. – I receive about 100 valid, real emails a day between my work and personal account. It drives me crazy when someone makes a statement and puts a question mark at the end of it… where it doesn’t belong? I then have no clue as to what they mean? Are they asking me or are they unsure or do they simply have no clue as to how use the “?” (Which I was taught in 1st grade) I wish
10. – “Hi! My Name is Mr. Smith.” (extend hand for handshake). Normally, in our society, we introduce ourselves with a healthy hand shake. And normally, this is a nice greeting gesture. However, it drives me crazy when someone has to prove to you that they are a strong individual by squeezing the crap out of your hand. It is bad enough that I do not have MEGA hands, capable of cracking walnut shells, but it is worse when someone has to show you that THEY can. Add the carpal tunnel syndrome I enjoy from time to time, and it is such a wonderful, warm, “glad I now know you” experience. A great friend, who has rheumatoid arthritis, taught me a trick to thwart such mega-man culprits: Simply extend your index finger when grasping the other persons hand and they will have a difficult time putting the squeeze on.
11. – Based on #10 above, from time to time, someone misunderstands my extended index finger hand shake. It drives me crazy when someone tries to convert my handshake into an attempt to partake in a special secret handshake of a secret society. This white-boy from the sticks of Ohio, who can’t dance or rap or do anything ‘cool’, has no ability or knowledge on how to convert a handshake into some modified version of thumb wrestling. Please don’t try… I am just not that cool.
~Lunchboxx’s Brother

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Another Reason NOT To Eat At McDonalds

Uhmm…this speaks for itself.

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Things That Drive Me Crazy

Today I would like to feature a well deserved rant from my brother. I think we can all identify with him (especially if you’ve ever worked in an office). Enjoy!

From time to time, I think of things that drive me crazy… usually when they are driving me crazy. This note/blog is my attempt to scream to the world my frustrations.

1. – I work in a cubicle farm. And it drives me CRAZY when someone leaves their cell phone at their desk and walks away only to have it ring while they are away. My cell phone is on a light vibration, with a very quiet ringtone… However, I often hear phones vibrating as if they were jack hammers in a past life… while playing obnoxious bells… the ones that sound like someone unleashed 5 year olds on a hand bell choir. Or there is one that sounds like church bells after a wedding, which would be great to listen to but not for 90 seconds at a time. Another that I hear often sounds like crickets and another is the theme song to Harry Potter. I know everyone’s ringtones in the cubicles that surround mine… but I would bet $1 that they don’t know mine!
2. – I work in a cubicle farm. And it drives me crazy when someone listens to my phone conversation and then proceeds to comment on it after I have hung up. The government doesn’t need to have wire taps, just more people who work in cubicles. Nothing is private!
3. – It drives me crazy being behind someone who is driving 5 MPH on the Interstate when I am fighting for my life to stay with the traffic that is going 10 MPH over the speed limit. Add to it that 90% of the time the person is on their cell phone and my blood boils.
4. – I have to call vendors and manufactures a zillion times a day at my job. And it drives me crazy when I call and reach a company operator that transfers me before I get a chance to say thanks. Instead of giving me the opportunity to be polite, I get elevator hold music as the “tha” of thank-you is coming out of my mouth.
5. – I receive multiple voice mails every day. It drives me crazy when people think that it is a game to see how quickly someone can spew their return telephone number. Like I really want to listen 5 times to get 7 – 10 digits written down.
6. – It drives me crazy when I am driving down the interstate and the person in front of me decides to clean theirs and mine window. Can’t they wait for a few minutes when they are not in the midst of traffic? Like I need their bug guts on my window!

There are more things that drive me crazy, so watch out… you may end up on my list next! -Lunchboxx’s Brother

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While My Ukelele Gently Weeps

Sunday’s are always a fun and fulfilling day for me. I look forward to it seconds before my eyes open on Monday morning. Not much can bring me down and today was no exception. During most Sunday services I am onstage playing but today I had the privilege of worshiping and observing our band from the audience. It was truly amazing. We are blessed with so much talent and I’m honored to play with them and have opportunity to worship with them. So today as they completely rocked it out for Christ I was able to see our electric guitar players, Thomas & Evan do some serious finger work. (And bdiddy blasted out some incredible vocals while dynamically leading the band) What an amazing gift He has given them. Anyway, when I got home today I started to think about other instruments and talented people I had seen in the past. Which leads me to today’s post.
I saw this video a year or so ago and it taught me something: Never underestimate the power of a small instrument. The ukulele is a seemingly quite instrument and visions of Hawaiian luau’s always fill my mind when thinking of it. It also seems to be a very simplistic instrument. Boy, was I wrong. Watch as Jake Shimabukuro tears down a version of “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” which was originally performed on a guitar (George Harrison of The Beatles). Yeah, it’s 4 and half minutes long but the last quarter of it is well worth the wait. Ridiculous!

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Why I Dislike Walmart

As a small business owner I definitely understand the value of a dollar. I also understand customer service. Walmart understands one thing, how to make a penny…..reguardless. Ruthless, deceptive, and way to big for its britches. Sam Walton would not be happy at what Walmart has become I don’t think. Anyway, this article is eye opening to those of you who poo-poo those of us who are against the monopoly. Yeah…I said it….monopoly. Please take a minute and read it. If you still think it’s okay to shop there, then so be it. At least you’ll understand where those of us that dislike them are coming from.
Here is a good documentary that was on tv several years ago.
Oh and don’t worry. I’ll lighten up later.

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His Guitar Gently Weeps

If you are a guitar player, like me, each of your guitars hold a special place in your heart. It usually starts off with the excitement of getting that new guitar out of its sweet smelling case. Later, you love it because (after a lot of tweaking) it plays like a dream. Finally, the sentimental aspect sits in. So whether you pick at home, play on stage, or are in a recording studio your guitar is there for you and you never want anything to happen to it.
Enter Dave Carroll. He has a band called Sons of Maxwell. They are a pretty good band but I’ve never heard of them….until today. It seems ol’ Dave and his crew had to take a flight with American Airlines to get to a gig. If he’s anything like me, I’m sure his stomach turned a little bit when he handed over his guitar to be stored in the belly of the plane during check in. But you do what you have to do because, hey, they’ll take care of it, right? However, they did not. It seems American tossed his beloved axe around a bit and pretty much destroyed it. Was he compensated? What do you think? In fact, in his disgust, he decided to write a song and shoot a video about the whole thing. Way to go Dave! One thing is for sure, he has a better attitude about it than I would. Anyway, the video is above and if you would like to read the whole story just click here. It’s a sadly humorous tale. Oh, and if you’re reading Dave….your Taylor’s in Heaven now waiting for you.

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Do You Remember?

What if you could remember EVERYTHING you could see? Wouldn’t that be great? Well, that may be a reality soon if this drug is created and available to us humans someday. I’m not sure how I feel about this. I mean, everything has side effects, right? Can you imagine what they would be for this? Anyway, click here and ponder the future.

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I’m Baaaaacckkk!

Hello there my peeps!
My apologies for being gone so long. It’s been quite busy around the Lunchboxx’s house the past few months and, sadly, I’ve not been posting. Cry no more. I’m back and better than ever. To ease the burden of posting everyday, I’ve decided to post every few days or when the mood strikes and there is something worth writing about. I hope you’ve all missed me because I’ve missed doing this blog. Please let me know if there is anything in particular you would like me to write about or review. So check back and check often.

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